Gibson 100th Anniversary J-30 Montana 18/06/1994 Vintage Sunburst

Gibson 100th Anniversary J-30 Montana 1994 Vintage Sunburst J-30 Made in UsaGibson J-30


Gibson 100th Anniversary J-30 Montana
Vintage Sunburst – Made in Usa
custodia rigida Gibson Dark Brown

anno di produzione: 18/06/1994
condizioni estetiche: quasi perfette
funzionamento: perfetto
tasti al 99% – peso: 2,02 kg

Gibson J-30

Gibson J30 Flat Top (1985-1997)
The Gibson J-30 originated in 1985, the guitar is a dreadnought size flat top acoustic 15 15/16″ wide, square shoulders, teardrop pick guard, mahogany back and sides (bound back and top), the fingerboards were made of rosewood and had dot in lays, decal logo, plastic tuner buttons and were available in sunburst finishes.

In 1989 Gibson started making the J30 in natural finishes, in 1993 they made them with pearl logos, and in 1994 the J30 guitar models were renamed the J-30 Montana.

The Montana guitar has an “Only A Gibson Is Good Enough” banner on the peg head (see pic) and a labeled sticker “Gibson 1894-1994 100 years” inside the body.

In 1990 they also started production on a rounded cutaway version of the J-30 model with transducer pick ups, upper belly on the bridge, teardrop pick guard, gold decal logo, “only a Gibson is good enough banner” and were available ion antique walnut and sunburst finishes. These guitars were called the J-30 Cutaway. J-30 Guitars were discontinued in 1997.

In 1989 the acoustic production started at the Bozeman plant and they started using 001 to 299 in their last digits of their serial numbers on their acoustic guitars and for prototypes. Gibson J30 prototype guitars had RCA logos on peg heads with “Nashville” on the truss rod cover.

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